Medieval-City One
17th June – 2nd September 2017

Two Queens
2 Queen Street

Medieval-City One is a group exhibition and series of events that seeks to think about the future in a Medieval state of mind. Taking its title from Judge Dredd’s Mega-City One, the project invites artists to imagine a proposed city state formed from misunderstood and appropriated remnants of the past. Through newly commissioned video and installation works, the contributing artists deal with the constructs of bureaucracy, colonialism, national identity, immigration, ethnicity, posthumanism, the gendered body, and tourism.

The exhibition is an opportunity to re-appraise notions of the Medieval in popular cultural imagination, commonly functioning as an oppressive site for vicarious realities, and instead considering the idea of the Medieval as a ‘Middle Age’ between what came before and what comes next.

Larry Achiampong & David Blandy, Ashley Holmes, Georgia Horgan, Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Medieval helpdesk (Lara Eggleton & David Steans)

All images by Jules Lister

Me And My N!&%*$ Are All Winners is a live work which was presented at the closing ceremony to the group exhibitionMedieval City One at Two Queens, Leicester. The work considers ritualistic process and the documentation of performative and communicative aspects of their histories.

Framed within the narrative of previous works which take influence from the Medieval act of Trepanning, M.A.M.N.A.A.W. consists of a 10-minute audio piece that features original productions, vocals, samples from hip hop, grime, gospel music, radio broadcasts andfield recordings, along with a cast selected and invited to perform in the gallery in response

performed by; mellow baku, alex, jemmuel, kadeem, kace, lewis

copyright © 2018 ashley holmes. all rights reserved